Different Types of Promotional Methods to Make Money Online

Whether you have an affiliate business, internet business or some type of other business one thing is very important and that is choosing the right promotional media to promote your products/service. In this article we look at some methods that you can use to promote your products/services to make money online.

Promotional Material

Before you can start you need to have or make some promotional material that you can use to promote a specific product/service or site. What type of promotional material? It all depends on what you are trying to promote, but it can be everything from an article, ebook, video, coupons, Photo, iPods (to give away) or whatever you think that will be of value to the potential customer. With this material you promote your product/service to eventually make money online.

Social Networks

What is the better place to promote than social networks where million of people are present relating to any topic available? Social media networks like MySpace, face-book and twitter are a goldmine when it comes to promoting your site, product or service. Of course it takes some time at start-up to build a list of potential customers (read followers or friends), but after a while you will have build a list and you can start your promotion campaign.


It has been said many time before, by us and other people, but starting a blog is a great way to promote a product or service. You can for instance write articles about “how to best use the service” or “Why the product will change their lives” and so on. Of course you can use the blog to build an email list and to sell of your products. Another great thing of a blog is that people can leave comments so you have instant feedback about your product or service. Which in turn can be used to develop new product or to improve the old products.

Ad Space

If you have the money for a large television commercial campaign to promote your product than you should do so, but most internet entrepreneurs don’t have the funding. An internet ad campaign is much cheaper and it can as be effective as a TV ad campaign. Of course everybody knows Google Adwords/Adsense to promote site and products. Another good way is to buy ad space on specific sites that are in the same niche. Lately you see those small square ads on blogs more and more. (and the best thing is that they are often cheap for the traffic they generate.)

Email Lists

We already mention this one in the blog paragraph, but it is that important to give it a paragraph of its own. You should always try to collect email addresses on your site or blog. With these email lists you can send promotional materials about your products or services that you are trying to sell online. Sending out email is cheap and easy to do ways to lose weight fast. Depending on the list it can also be very profitable. Make sure that you create lists for each type of product, because people will opt-out if they are not interested in the subject. With a good and responsive email list you can make a lot of money online.

This are just a few promotional tools you can use to promote your product. Some work better than others, it’s just a matter of testing and trying what will work best for your product or service. But if you use them right you’ll make money online.

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One Response to “Different Types of Promotional Methods to Make Money Online”

  1. surabhi kumari on December 11th, 2011 14:30

    its a very good article to promote goods and attract more number of goods. but television ads is more attractive i believe ofcours it depends upon the quality of products and to which group this product is for but there are many groups of customer who watch television daily and thourgh these ads they can be more aware about the products…