Critical Elements of an Ad

Every business owner must work hard to have success. But does your advertising work as hard as you? Does it do everything you want it to do?

So let’s look at the four most critical elements of an ad to get the most results of that ad.

Your ads must do four vital things:

1. Stimulate a response
Your ad has to stimulate a customer to do something, such as visiting your website for instance. But they only do that if you give them a reason to do it. For instance a print ad should start with a benefit-laden headline and it should explain the features of the action you want them to take.

An example for a programming website: Find all free tutorials you want on our website. More then 1000 downloadable source code examples. Visit us at (the link to the site place here) and start downloading.

As you can see it shows the features in just two sentences and it ends with call to action which points out (again) the main feature of the site.

2. Open minds
We get bombarded with information all day. So an ad has to provide the prospects with a small “a-ha” moment, otherwise a prospect won’t pick up the information. They must pick up the information that you are offering a new revelational service or product that the prospect must have. For instance the “a-ha” moment can be a special offer or a low price.

An example: Get the new and improved way to do business with this business system that will make your business a lot more money and will save you a lot of time. Read all about it in this E-Book “Title here” for only $9.99! Buy it today!

As you can see it will get the attention with the words “new and improved way” and also show the main features of the business system with the words “more money” and “save you a lot of time.”

3. Engage the right people
As we said before we get bombarded with an enormous amount of advertising all day. The ads that you run must have an immediate appeal to your targeted prospects or they wouldn’t even notice the ad. The prospects should instantly think, “That is what I need.”

It helps if the prospects can see themselves represented in your ads. You need to create an ad campaign to which your potential customers can easily relate to. Put yourself in there shoes if you are writing an advertising campaign.

4. Be true
Most people and thus potential customers can spot a good to be true ad a mile away. What’s more, they’re often likely to disbelieve advertising claims, even when they are true.
So the ads that you run must be credible. Don’t promise things that you can’t deliver.
Create your ads with integrity that are supported by in-depth information, and you will successfully propel your prospects towards a sale.

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