Creating Graphics for Websites to Make Money Online

Content is a vital part of every website, especially if you want to make money online with your business. But an image or picture can speak a thousand words. Not only can they explain the content of an articles text in one glance, but they are also making your business website more interesting looking and if used right even more interactive. This is why every web publisher should use pictures and images on their website(s).

But with the large number of websites that are launched every day the demand for online graphics art and photo’s is also growing. The market is always looking for creative graphic artist and designers. If you are a person that possess the skills of creating and manipulating graphics or photo’s then you can make money online by selling your skills as a freelancer. If you try it (maybe part-time at first) you will see that there is a lot of money to be made on the internet.

There are several types of graphics you can create and make money online with:

1. Banners
Banners are normally image ads. These banner ads are normally used to promote your own website, products or service on other websites (payed links or not.) The size of a banner ad may vary, so the price that you can ask may vary also.

2. Headers
A header is situated at the top of a web page. Most websites owners use them. A header can contain photos, graphics, titles, logos or whatever the website publisher wants. Of course you can make the header yourself, but not all website publishers are as creative as a graphics artist so normally they will out source it. And this is where you can make money online as a graphics artist.

3. Logos
Also the making and selling of logos is a good online business. Normally a logo is situated in the header of the web page or blog. A good logo can determine the strength of a brand, so it is better if it is created by a professional.

4. eBook-Covers
There are many internet marketers that sell information products such as e-books or reports online. As with a normal book it is better that a cover is used for promotion reasons. A good cover can help to sell the information product. As with logos, you make the covers yourself but you better let it created by a professional.

5. Sales Page Graphics
Good graphics can help you sell products, so most businesses use graphics on their sales pages. Examples of graphics used on sales pages are headers, buttons, logos and graphics pictures that enhance the text.

How much can you charge a client?
This is a good question, but the answers that is not that simple. It all depends on the size, complexity of the graphic, your skills, your reputation in the industry or whatever people are willing to pay for it. Normally people pay on per project basis.

Below you will find some amounts you could ask for a specific type of graphic:

  • Banners – between $5 and $50
  • Header – between $10 and $100
  • Cover – between $15 and $100
  • Sales page graphics – between $50 and $250 for a set (logo, buttons, supplement graphics)
  • Logo – between $50 and $500

Note: that it can be higher or lower then these amounts. See the dependencies described above.

If you have a good reputation in the industry as a very good graphics freelancer you can make more money online then the amounts mention above.

You can find graphics work to make money online on one of the many freelance service website, such as,,, etc, etc. Tip: take a look at other graphics artist bids before you place a bid, you don’t want to bid to low and do all the hard work and don’t make a profit!

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