Creating Effective Landing Pages for PPC Campaigns

Every online business need landing pages to convert the traffic from their PPC campaigns in to customers. In most cases the success and failure of your online campaign depends on the quality of your landing pages. Below you’ll find some tips that you can implement to make your landing pages more effective and to make money online for your business.

Call to Action

The first thing your landing page needs is a clear call to action. A call to action is a thing that you want customers to do. For instance: download something, opt-in on an e-mail list or to buy a product. It should be clear what you want a customer to do.

Ad Relevance

You have to make sure that the landing page is relevant to your ad. If you promise something in your ad then you should always deliver. For instance in a PPC ad you say something like: Cheap Premium Word-press Themes. If the customer clicks your ad and read on the landing page that the word-press themes are $100 a piece they will most likely move on. Or even worse, they click on the ad and they find nothing about the mentioned word-press themes (you think it doesn’t happen, it happens more often than you think.)


If you are like me, I don’t like to read a whole PPC landing pages, so in most cases I scan across a page. There are a lot of people who do this, so make sure that your landing pages are scan-able. (Easy to find what is sold, how much it costs, how it is delivered and where to opt-in.) In most cases you can simply make the most important points in a larger bold font.

Remove Distractions

You should remove all distractions from your landing page and your landing page should only offer one product or service from top to bottom. An example of a distractions could be links to other pages. You won’t want this because you want them to do something on the landing page (the call to actions you’ve placed.) so don’t distract them!

Simple and Short

You should keep thing simple, short and to the point. Large and complex landing pages can create confusion and this in turn will distract them from your call to actions.

Above the Fold

The most important elements should be placed above the fold, such as a compelling headline, offer mentioned in the ad and of course a call to action.

Learn from Others

This is the last tip, but this is the most important one. You should look at landing pages of other people, especially at the ones that are doing well. (Research is the key!) And always run tests, this is very important. So create some different landing pages on the same offer and run tests to see which landing page converts well. (Note: you should do the same for your PPC ad text.)

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