Common E-Mail Marketing Mistakes

Every small business owner knows that e-mail marketing can be one of the most effective marketing vehicles today. However, many e-mail marketers ignore the basics of good practice in their eagerness to spread the word about their online business.

Today we are looking at 5 common e-mail marketing mistakes that many e-mail marketers make, especially the once that are just starting out. Of course not only beginning e-mail marketers should review their e-mail campaigns to make sure that they don’t make the 5 common mistakes described below, also a seasoned pro can review their e-mail campaign to make sure that they don’t make these mistakes.

Mistake 1: Permission Violation

When you send out your marketing e-mail you have to remember one thing and that is that the recipient (and not you as the sender) decides whether they want to receive a business e-mails. If you don’t have their permission then you are spamming! You must ask permission before sending any commercial e-mails. You also need to offer the recipient a way to unsubscribe (or also called opt-out) from you mailing list.

Asking for permission isn’t just polite, it makes also good business sense, because you want a responsive list and you want to keep your good business reputation. Besides all these things, in some countries it’s also the law. (For instance in US you have the federal CAN-SPAM act.)

Mistake 2: Doomed from the Start

The “From” and “Subject” are the first things a recipient sees, so you have to make sure that they catch the attention of the recipient otherwise they will hit the delete button.

You have to make sure that your e-mail “from” line displays your company name or brand name and not some name of an employee. The recipient might not know the name of that employee and hits the delete button. So don’t make this easily fixable mistake.

In the subject line of the e-mail your must clearly state what is inside the e-mail. Subject line like “News from Website X” will probably get overlooked. Subject lines like “Tips for Small Business Owners to Make Money Online” or “25% Off Everything Holiday Discount” will probably get their attention and their interest. Of course you should make sure that the content of the e-mail matches what is stated in the subject line and that is of relevance to the recipient.

Note: always run the e-mail through a “spam checker” to guard you against e-mail marketing no-no’s, which could trigger spam-filters.

Mistake 3: No Call to Action

You have to make sure that you have a clear call to action in your marketing e-mails. Without a call to action is like having a sales meeting and not asking for the order. So if you are not sure of the desired outcome of an e-mail or e-mail campaign then don’t hit the send button.

I want to emphasise the word clear in the phrase “clear call to action.” Don’t send e-mails with too many different calls to actions (read links.) A better way is to use only one call to action per e-mail. Of course you can mention this call to action several times in one e-mail.

Mistake 4: Not focused

Many overzealous e-mail marketers try to cram way too much into one e-mail. As a result the recipient gets overwhelmed and nothing gets clicked. Don’t try to accomplish your year-long sales goals in one single e-mail. Instead you should focus on one subject per e-mail with a clear call to action.

Mistake 5: Thinking the List is to Small

Many beginning e-mail marketers think that they have to have a large list before they can send their first e-mail campaign. This is wrong! Of course, a large list will get you probably more response, but you have to build a relationship with your e-mail readers. So don’t wait, even if your list has only 20 people on it. Send your sales messages or tips from the very beginning. If the e-mails contains good content than they’ll “forward it to a friend” and your list will only grow. Your list helps build itself virally, but only with regular, relevant e-mail contact. So don’t wait!

The mistakes described above are very easy to avoid. So get going today! Your potential customers are waiting to hear from you. Good luck, with your make money online efforts!

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