Cleanup your Business Website During the Summer

Most people have their summer holiday in July or Augustus. For most online businesses this means a slow(er) period. So maybe this is a nice opportunity to cleanup your business website, so you can make money online with your website, when the business picks up after the slow summer period. In this article we give some examples of things you as a webmaster could do.

Google Webmaster Tools
One of the tools you can use to look for website issues is the Content Analyse Tool that comes with the Google Webmaster Tools. The Content Analise Tool is located in the Diagnostics section of the Webmaster Tools. The tool check for these issues:

  • Title tag issues of your pages.
  • Meta description issues of your pages.
  • Non-indexable content issues of your pages.

If you click on one of these three main categories you will see more details.

Another page of the Google Webmaster Tools that is very useful to do a web page error check is the Overview page (second page after you selected a domain). On this page you will find a section Web Crawl Errors, which will display errors on the following categories:

  • Errors for URLs in Sitemaps
  • HTTP errors
  • Not found
  • URLs not followed
  • URLs restricted by robots.txt
  • URLs timed out
  • Unreachable URLs

Another tool you should run in the Google Webmaster Tools is the Analyse robots.txt tool located under Tools section.

Correct any problem that these three tools may find.

Update Scripts and Plugins
You should look for update for every script or plug-in you have installed, especially if you use a content management system or blog tool. For instance: WordPress or Joomla have several software updates per year.

Basic Easy Checks
Some other checks you can do in just a couple of minutes are:

  • Check a couple of pages. Are they displayed correctly?
  • Check if your e-mail addresses are working correctly.
  • If the search option of your site is still working.
  • Review your Terms of Service and update if needed.
  • Does your sitemap work?
  • Is the contact information up to date?

404 Pages
Do you have customized 404 or general error pages? Are they still working correctly, test it!

If not make them! They can help people to stay within your web site, even if they happen to stumble upon something that is no longer there or was never there in the first place.

Clearing MySQL Overhead
Important: before you clear MySQL overhead you should make a backup of your database.

As time progresses, overhead values of some tables can become very high. So clearing MySQL overhead is a good practice. It is similar to the concept of de-fragmentation in windows. To keep your database healthy and free of any overheads, just follow the steps described below:

  1. Make a database backup.
  2. After opening PHPadmin select your database by clicking on its name.
  3. The screen that’s opened will show you a list of tables of the database.
  4. On the right you will find the column overhead.
  5. Select the checkbox of each table which have an overhead value.
  6. Go to the drop down menu “with selected” and select repair table.
  7. An SQL query will now be executed and if everything works fine, you will see a screen with OK after each table that you selected.

In Conclusion

Of course it is a good practice to look at the described things at least once every two months, but many people forget to do this. So now it’s a good time to do some easy maintenance on your website.

If you know of other things a webmaster could do, then please leave a comment!

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