Christmas Spending Forecast

Every year Gallup is looking at Americans Christmas spending intentions. They ask consumers to forecast their holiday spending intentions. The survey is done three times a year in October, November and December. This information can be valuable for Internet Marketers and can be used to determine their campaign strategy.

expected Christmas spending

As you can see the holiday spending intentions are down if you compare it with 2008. If this year is the same as last year than November and December will lower the spending intentions, but we have too wait for the November results.

recent trend in consumer Christmas spending

Only time will tell how this plays out in 2009, but given the trends, it seems unlikely that consumer spending intentions will drop significantly by December without another major setback in the U.S. economy. The complete Gallup post can be found here. Make use of it to determine your Internet marketing campaign for the 2009 holiday season.

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