Charging too Little for Freelance Work

As a freelancer YOU have to determine your price for a specific project.
Determining you’re price can be a tricky thing.

If you ask too much, the project may be awarded to another freelancer, but even worse is asking to little. Some clients will give the project to someone else if the price is to low. They think if the price is to low that the freelancers work is no good.

Finding the right balance can be a tricky thing.
So we created a top ten signs that you are charging waaaaaay too little for your freelance work:

Clients mistake your daily rate for an hourly one.

You have won every job you’ve pitched for.

You have to apply for special aid because you don’t make enough money even though you make 80 hours per week on one project.

New clients are always asking you what “the catch” is if you tell them your rate.

Clients pay the bill with cash from their wallet.

Other freelancers send you hate mail regularly.

Old clients don’t even bother asking you how much something is going to cost.

You never run out of work, yet you are subsisting on 2 minute microwave noodles.

You’re brother or friend makes more flipping burgers in less hours.

The last sign that you are charging waaaay too little is:
Indian companies want to outsource their work to you!

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