Setting Money Aside Using a Financial Plan
Financial planning is like growing a garden!
Building a Zero-based Budget Building a Zero-based Budget

The best way to save money is by creating a budget plan and sticking to it. Today we will look at zero based budgeting. A zero based budget is a budget where every dollar you make is assigned to a certain category. In other words your income minus your expenses should equal zero.

5 ways to make money and combat your debts 5 ways to make money and combat your debts

Being in debt is no way a shimmering experience of life. If you have pile of unpaid bills then you must be frantically looking for a way out. A little extra money each month might solve this problems and help you to mitigate your current financial obligations. However, sometimes, finding ways to earn extra money looks more challenging next to getting rid of debt itself.

Time your Purchases to Save Money Time your Purchases to Save Money

Everybody knows that if you want to spend less, you should wait until the products you want are on sale. What you need to know is that almost all products have a discount season. Below you’ll find some examples of how to time your purchases to save money.

Are You Ready for Black Friday? Are You Ready for Black Friday?

Like it or not, it’s almost here. The 2009 edition of black Friday is only days away. Did you already make your shopping list? Will you be able to save money this year? Will you be frugal this holiday season? Do you already know where to hunt for bargains? Maybe the following list can help you.

Save $2K in one Year With These 10 Tips Save $2K in one Year With These 10 Tips

You can save a lot of money with very little pain or deprivation by just doing things smart and by save on little things. Below you’ll find 10 easy tips that can help you save money and help you on your way to save at least $2K in one year on your families budget.

Save Money by Using Free Software Save Money by Using Free Software

While you sometimes get what you pay for, that’s not always true with computer software. There are free programs that are of very high quality and in some instances even superior to paid software. And lets face it, everybody likes free things. Today we look at some free programs that you can use and we look at how much money you will save.

How to Save Money on Appliances How to Save Money on Appliances

Home appliances are part of every home. They help us with household chores, like laundry or dish washing. But home appliances can also use a lot of electricity (especially older ones) and eventually need to be replaced. So today we look at some ways to save money on common household appliances.

Saving Money Special
Save Money by Only Using Cash this Christmas

It can be hard to save money and live on a budget, especially during a holiday season.


Freelance Special
Multiple Streams of Income for Freelancers

What do you do if the main source of income is gone? Good paying clients are hard to find.

Make Money Online Special
Expand Your Business by Offering Choices!

One easy way to expand your business is by putting the power of choice directly into your customer's hand.

Save Money Special
Save Money with a Home Energy Audit

Help reduce global warming and save money in the process.