Can a Business cut their 2009 Marketing Budget in Halve?

To make money online a business needs to promote their products and services. But what to do in these times when the business world is suffered by the financial crisis. Can you for instance cut your marketing budget of 2009 in halve?

When the sales are decreasing a normal reaction of most businesses is to cut their marketing budget. A marketing budget is linked to the sales figures. If they go up, the marketing budget goes up and if it goes down the marketing budget goes down. But there are people that are saying that in “worse times you should spent more on advertising”, this type of reasoning we can’t follow.

Our position is that you can cut your marketing budget, but you should always keep communicating with potential customers. If your marketing budget is used for television advertising and you cut the budget in halve (without seeking alternatives) your business communication with potential customers is also cut in halve.

In other words; you can safely cut you marketing budget as long as you look for cheaper alternatives to keep communicating with potential customers. For instance you could use online ads instead of television advertising which is much more expansive.

It is almost 2009 so now it is the time to take a close look at your marketing budget and strategy for the next year, especially when the 2009 forecasts is looking bad for most businesses. Maybe it is even time for a new marketing mix?

This is the time to change old thinking patterns and to change your stuck ways or techniques. In times that the order book is filled, most entrepreneurs run their marketing campaigns on autopilot. But now that sales are dropping it is time for new insights and ideas. And the best thing is that the change will come with a bonus, a better and more profitable marketing policy.

This way you can still make money online in 2009!

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