Business Start-ups from Your Bedroom

A lot of people think that starting a business will cost a lot of money, but this doesn’t have to be true! Of course in the “old” economy it was true (think of renting a store, buying supplies, etc), but in the “new” economy you can start a business from your bedroom! In this article we explore some business ideas that will work from home, but that also have the potential to scale into a larger business.

1. Freelancing
Maybe you have a skill that you can put to work for others businesses. Offering your service as a freelancer is a business model that is perfectly suited to a work from home lifestyle. Especially if you posses a skill that is done via a computer, then you only need a computer, internet connection and a phone to work from home.

What about scaling your business as a freelancer?

This business model is easily scalable. Once you’ve got enough clients and work for two people you can maybe hire a second person or you can find a business partner that will help you with the workload. You can expand from there. This is how many small businesses have started.

2. Internet Advertising
One of the most popular methods to make money online is in the field of online advertising. Large companies such as Google, Yahoo or Amazon will pay you if someone clicks on their advertisement that is displayed on your own website. The implementation of these types of ads on your own website is very easy, but the hard part is to get enough traffic to your website. Only with enough traffic you can make a decent income from a website with ads on them.

What about the scalability of an advertisement website?

The great advantage of making money online by displaying ads is that you can work from home and that it is very scalable. Another plus is that you can build it gradually (bit by bit, page by page.) Once a website is popular, then the sky is the limit. (Look at the large social media websites, at how fast they have grown and how much they make now from advertisement revenue.

3. E-commerce
Many of the work from home businessmen start by selling items on sites like eBay. As long as you can acquire inventory at a cost-effective way, you can make a lot of money online.

How can you scale an eBay website?

You can’t. Of course you can add more and more auctions, but a better way is to build your own e-commerce website. (Doesn’t mean you can’t keep selling on eBay!) That way you’ll develop your own business brand and customer base. The goal is to put those eBay into your own pocket. But you have to remember that it is hard to get enough traffic, thus making enough money in the beginning. You have to have patient and build (gradually) on your business.

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