Business Blogging – What to write about?

A blog on your business website can be very beneficial for your business and the users of your businesses products. But what things can you write about on your business blog, below you’ll find some examples.


Whenever your business launches a new product or a new feature in a service, you should write a announcement on your blog. Try to combine it with some lucrative promotional offer (for example reduce pricing for a short period), so people will come back to your blog on a regular basis for new features or good deal. (Also don’t forget to tweet your announcement.)

Benefits and Features of your Products

Try to talk about your products and services and do it in a positive tone, so people become exited about your products or services. Point out the features of products and try to point out the benefits for the consumers.


Try to write some tutorials about your products, this way you can help new customers to learn your products or services. People like to read great tips about products they own and they will come back to your blog for more great tips. Also let them comment on your tutorials, so you can hear what people like to read about (free feedback on your products and services.)

Related Tips

Some times it is possible to use certain product or services with your businesses products and services. If this is so, make some blog posts about it. People love to read tips and tricks about the products they own.

Related News

Write about new things in your industrie or about related industries. This helps you to make your business blog more informative and also people will come back more often (more general news to read about.)

These are just some things you can write about on your business blog and remember the more interesting stuff you put on you business blog, the more people will come back. Blogging is an easy and inexpensive way for your business to connect with customers.

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