Brainstorm Sessions with Employees. You’ll be Surprised!

Brainstorm session wills most of the time produce very good ideas and of course it stimulates innovative thinking. But most business owners only use brainstorm sessions with employees if they want to launch a new product or service.

But why not use the power of brainstorm sessions with employees for normal practical business problems. For instance: How can we improve our service? How can we get more customers and of course as cheap as possible? How can we make more money for the business? How can we reduce the use of paper in the office? And so on!

In this article we described a good way how a brainstorm session should go.

Below you’ll find some basis conditions for a good brainstorm session:

  • Provide a good atmosphere – every employee should have time to present their ideas. Make sure that everyone respect (even the stupid once) the ideas of a colleague.
  • Critique is good, but make sure that everyone that have negative critique also tells something positive about the idea.
  • Stimulate the employees to think ‘out of the box’
  • Get someone from outside the business, to lead the brainstorm sessions. Maybe you can make a deal with a colleague business owner that he/she will lead some brainstorm sessions for you and you’ll do the same for them. (Of course it should not be a competitor of you.) Maybe you hear a great idea or learn something, during their sessions.
  • Also look at other business and fields, maybe you will find some good ideas. A good idea is to take employees to another business in the morning and have a brainstorm session in the afternoon. Talk about things that you and your employees have learned from that business and how they could be implemented in your business. A good example; the first fast-food restaurants implemented ideas and techniques from the automobile assembly lines.

Brainstorming can be very powerful! It stimulates the team spirit and most of the time the employees come up some brilliant and surprising ideas.

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