Americans Spending Patterns Survey

In a recent Gallup survey of consumers spending patterns shows that Americans spend more in the weekend. Below you’ll find some survey conclusions that you can use in your Internet marketing ad campaign.

day of the week people spend more money

As you can see, the average American spend the most on Saturdays and they spend the least on Tuesdays. The survey also shows some other interesting patterns. For example: Americans spend significantly more in weeks if they earn a paycheck that week:

Week with Payday spending

According too Gallup the “paycheck effect” is getting stronger in recent months. An explanation could be that Americans are becoming less comfortable using credit than they once were, and that they prefer shopping when they have the cash on hand.

The Gallup survey also found that the average (self-reported) daily spending is higher for men than for women. (Men = $73 and Women = $53) Also the highest daily spending is done by adult age 30-49.

This information can be valuable for an Internet marketer, because it can be used in your marketing campaign. For instance you could step-up your ad campaign in the weekend or on weeks that people receive a paycheck. Read the complete report to come-up with a strategy for your Internet marketing campaign.

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