Affiliate Programs to Make Money Online

A lot of people ask the us the same question over and over again; What is the easiest way to make money online? Our most cases our answer is; affiliate programs. Why should you choose affiliate programs to make money online with, read on and you will find-out why!

What is an affiliate program?
Let’s first look at what affiliate programs are. Many companies which sell products online provide an affiliate program. For them it’s a simple and cheap way to advertise their products. If you sign up for a companies affiliate program the company will give you a special link to their products (or landing page) and in most cases some promotional material, such as banners, graphics and sales text (some provide a complete page, just cut/paste and you’re done).

You then build your own page on for instance your website/blog and place the special links on that page. Now if someone clicks on the link and buy a product from the company you earn a sales commission, thus you make money online.

(Note: with the special link I mean nothing more than a HTML link to a landing page. In most cases the link is tacked with a label so the people that run the affiliate program can see from where the user came. They need to know this, because they need to know who to pay.)

Know that you know what affiliate programs are, let’s look at the ‘why’ you should choose affiliate programs as a way to make money online with.

Almost No Cost
In almost all cases you can join a affiliate program for free (and I would even say that you should avoid programs where you have to pay money for. You want to make money not paying money, right?)

And there are more reasons why it’s cheaper than starting your own business online:

  • No expenses to manufacture products you want to sell.
  • Almost know administration hassle.
  • If some program doesn’t make enough money you move on to the next affiliate program.
  • After the initial setup, you can add more affiliate programs to your site. (More change to make a sale.)
  • No product storage or shipping products.

And the list can go on and on.

In most cases the only thing you pay is your time. (Time to setup the page and time to promote.)

As you can see it’s much cheaper to use affiliate programs to make money online with than starting your own business. The only thing you have to do is to choose one of the different types of affiliate programs that is right for your website/blog and your on your way!

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