A Online Shop is Just Like a Real Store

The time that you could start a web-shop in your attic and make it a success without too much effort is long gone. Long, well, long…for internet time it is, say two to four years ago. Now when you start a online store, you really need to threat it as a proper business, like you would with a real store. A company that needs all your time and energy to make it succeed.

Webshop Start

If you are starting a online shop today you need to count on a lot of competition. So to be successful it needs your attention full time, just like you would do with a real store, where you also need to be from the crack of dawn to late in the evening. Just like in a real store you constantly need to organise and present you products. Just like in a real store you will need to study product, old and new, so you can inform you customers. Just like in a real store it should be easy for a customer to pay or checkout. As you can see there are many things identical between a web shop and a physical store.

Just Looking, not Buying

Just browsing that is what the average customer is doing. In itself there is nothing wrong with “Just looking and not buying”. The visitor at least looked and found your store, so there is a possibility that the potential customer will come back. But yes, i understand that you prefer the instant and completed sale, but now a days (with the large competition) it’s also important that customers at least can find the way to your site, if it is only for “Just looking”.

Do you have a shop ? Think like a retailer!

As said: a online shop is just like a real store , so think like a retailer in the choices you make.

Where do you Build your Shop?

Of course, just like with a real shop the location where you open your shop is important, so in online terms this means you need a recognisable domain name. Think like a retailer and provide an entrance where many people pass by. Make sure that your URL (domain name) can be found on all short of gather pages and shopping website lists where potential buyers are looking for the best online shops and deals.

Where do you Advertise?

A retailer advertise in the vicinity of the store. A web-shop often operates nationwide or even global and thus has a larger area to advertise for. However the principle remains the same. You need to advertise directly for your target audience, for instance using Google Adwords.

How do you Force the Customer to Buy?

A good retailer pays attention to its customers . He helps them making the right choice , and advises them by providing clear information. A good price is of course important, but the lowest price does not always let you win the service and friendliness competition. So you should also focus on the latter. If the customer has made ​​their choice, you should offer them all possibilities for a good and safe payment. On the counter or in the web-shop checkout you should offer some additional products.

How to Make Customers Loyal Customers?

The retailer would for instance introduce a loyalty card , or organise a special evenings for regular customers . For your web-shop the same applies. Do something extra for your regular customers. For instance by every buy you give some points, that give them discounts on a next purchase (like saving cards). A good way is to combine the discounts with social media, for instance the customer gets additional discounts if they become fan of the shops Facebook page or twitter list. How do you tackle it its’s up to you, but you need to make sure at least that you offer something extra your regular customers.

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