A Checklist for Secure Online Shopping

It is a pity, but you can’t trust every web-shop. Below we will give a checklist which can be used to buy more secure online. This checklist is not only for web-shop customers, but also for web-shop owners. They can also use this checklist to see if their web-shop complies on most of the described things.

Below you will find the checklist for secure online shopping. Never use one of the described things, but always use a combination of multiple items described below.

  • Every web-shop should have a contact address, telephone number and e-mail address on their website. Always check for them.
  • Check for reviews of the particular web-shop. Did people give good or bad reviews?
  • Is the web-shop clear about the quality of the products, the service they deliver and the warranty they offer?
  • Is there clear information on the site about the price, FAT, delivery costs, delivery time, etc?
  • What are the condition for sending back a product and getting back your money clear?
  • Do they describe what to do if you have a complained?
  • Can you see what products there are in the shopping-cart?
  • Never give more personal information then is really necessary. (Web-shop should only ask for the necessary, people don’t like to fill in or to give a lot of personal information.)
  • Check for hallmarks.
  • Is payment secured with SSL? (The URL is not http but https.) Can you find any information about it on the website? (It should be clear before you start the payment process.) Always look at lock (down-right in the browser) if https is used. It should be locked (closed.)
  • Always save a copy or print from correspondent e-mails, conformation of an order and terms of the web-shop.

If you follow the described things above you will shop online more secure. Web-shop owners should at least have the information on their web-shop that is described above.

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