8 Reasons Why a Business won’t want to Hire You

A no. A proposal that is not accepted. The competitor gets the deal. In short; you the best freelancer there is, is being rejected by a potential customer.

Many freelancers dread rejection. There are even freelancers that change their proposal in fear of rejection. Why? Because people take rejections as a personal failure! But you have to remember, the customer doesn’t reject you, they are rejecting your offer. Every freelancer has undergone a rejection, so don’t fear them.

Below you will find 8 common reasons why a business doesn’t want to hire you:

  1. There is no budget for the price you are asking.
  2. They just found someone else with a simular offer and hired that person.
  3. Your offer doesn’t meet their expectations.
  4. They don’t know you so they are not sure if they should hire you.
  5. They have other priorities for instance buy new office equipment.
  6. Someone of the management has promised the account to someone else.
  7. They don’t know what to expect from you.
  8. There is no click during the interview. That’s why they have the idea you won’t fit in the team.

So don’t fear rejection, as you can see there are many reasons why a potential customer won’t hire you. You should instead ask yourself the question “What can I change or improve, so the next time the customer will hire me?”

Work on your knowledge, your skills and of course your marketing skills (see number 7 en 8, they have a lot to do with marketing and how you present yourself.)

Remember rejection is almost never personal, just business!

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