8 Business Building Steps to Make Money Online

Often the following question is asked: “How to start and grow an online business to make money online?”
The key is to attract visitors. Without visitors to your website or landing page you can’t make money online.

How to get those visitors and how to get them to buy anything?

There is a sequence of proven steps you can follow to guarantee your success. Many before you have followed the same route and with great success.

Step 1: Filling a need.

Many people make a product before they even know if there is a market for it. People actively search for products because they have a problem or have heard about a product from others. If you can determine a group’s common problem, then you can make a product that can fix that problem. The people with the problem will most likely buy that product and thus you will make money online.

Follow these easy steps to research for a potential market:

  • Look at the questions people ask on forums. What sort of problems are they trying to solve. (A good resource is Yahoo Answer!)
  • Try to figure out which keywords people are looking for. The fewer website that compete for that keyword the better it is. (Google’s keyword research tool)
  • You can also look at affiliate products that are doing well (on Click-bank for instance.)
  • Also look at the websites of potential competitors, what are they doing to fill the demand.

After you have done this, use what you have learned to create a product. If a potential competitor already has a similar product, try to do it better.

Step 2: Writing a sales copy that sells

The sales copy webpage has to do the selling for you. The following proven formula takes the potential customer by the hands and guides them through the selling process:

  • Use a compelling headline (usually in the colour red to attract the attention.)
  • Describe the problem and how your product will solve it.
  • Why you can be trusted to solve the problem (add testimonials, give away a few products to get testimonials.)
  • Talk about how it will benefit the potential buyer.
  • Offer a discount or guarantee.
  • Ask for a sale. (Throughout the sales copy place several call to actions.)

Look at some sales copies from products that are doing well. (Again click-bank website is a good research place for this.) Think like a customer when you write the sales copy and you will make a lot of sales.

Step 3: Building your Website

Once you have determined the market, created a product and written your sales copy, then you are ready to make your website/landing page.

Make sure your website is designed well and customer friendly. You have just few seconds to grab the potential customer’s attention before they are gone. Some design tips:

  • Use white background and a sans-serif font (plain)
  • Navigation must be clear on all pages.
  • Use graphics or audio/video to enhance your message.
  • Always use an opt-in offer. Getting those e-mail addresses for your list is essential.

Step 4: Drive targeted visitors to your site.

Now you have a brand new website, but how do you get traffic and thus potential customers to your site?

You need to make sure that search engines such as Google add your page in their index. Post some articles on Ezine directories with a link to your website in the article. This will get your website some back-links. Search engines will follow these links and add your page to the index. Another way is to post some answers on different forums with a link to your site of course. Make sure that the back-links doesn’t have rel="nofollow" in the link.

Another way is Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to drive targeted visitors to your website. PPC have some advantages:

  • You can test different keywords, text or layout.
  • Ads show up directly on many pages.

If the keywords in your ad are chosen well then traffic will almost come immediately. Run some short test to determine what is working and what is not.

Step 5: Expert reputation to drive more traffic

Try to be of value to the potential customers by adding valuable information to your site. This will get you back-links and especially if visitors see you as an expert in a specific field.

Some ideas for establishing yourself as an expert:

  • Give away free content, such as video, software, articles, eBooks, etc.
  • Include “send to a friend” or social bookmark such as Digg to your articles.
  • Be an active contributor to industry forums.
  • All so answer questions in your own blog comments.

The active you are (on forums for instance) the more (new) readers you will reach the more traffic and thus potential customers you will get. (Another plus is the number of back-links you will get if you are active in forums.)

Step 6: E-mail marketing

Build an opt-in list, so that you can offer previous visitors or customers new product through e-mails. A good responsive list is one of the most valuable assets of an online business. E-mail marketing is so valuable because:

  • Potential customers asked for the newsletter.
  • Developing a relationships with people in your target market
  • Responses are measurable.
  • Costs are low.
  • Almost entirely automated.

A service that can deliver e-mails and used to build your opt-in list is aweber. Make sure you don’t SPAM. Always add a link to get of the list. You also need to make to feel welcome to return to your site.

Step 7: Back-end sales and up-selling

If a customer has bought something and he/she was happy with the delivered product, then this customer will buy another product from you much easier. This is where back-end sales and up-selling come into play. This is how you get them to buy again and again:

  • Offer new products that complement their first purchase.
  • Offer new products (or products from step one) on the “thank you” page.
  • Use coupons.
  • Send one time reduced price offers on similar product.

Step 8: Affiliate programs to make more money online

If your products are selling well then maybe it is time to start your own affiliate program.

(Affiliates are people that promote products for a commission.) To find affiliates you can again look on the click-bank site or ask for it on your own site.

A good running affiliate program can make you money fast. (Sales can grow exponentially.)

The more money you make the more you can spend on Pay-per-click advertising, to make even more money.

That is it for this article. If you are a beginner then stick to the described step and you will also make money online!

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