7 Tips to Save Money when Flying

There are a lot of new airline fees these days. So today we look at some ways to save money when flying by avoiding those additional airline fees.

1. You must try to put your entire luggage into one bag. Some airlines are starting to charge passengers for checking in just one bag. So the fewer luggage you have the more money you will save.

2. You must make sure that the bag you are carrying is not over weight. Most airlines will add additional fees if the bag is over 50 pounds. (Tip: always check what the limit per bag is for your specific airline. It may vary per airline.)

3. Some airlines charge for amenities such as blankets and pillows. You could save money if you bring your own blanket or an inflatable pillow. (Tip: you could also bring a big sweatshirt instead of a blanket.)

4. You travel a lot? Then try to enroll into a frequent flyer program. Most of them offer some kind of discount for their members.

5. Always bring your own headphones. That is an easy 5 bucks that you can save.

6. As we said before, most airlines do charge additional fees. As of right now, Southwest Airlines is the only one that doesn’t.

7. Most airlines don’t allow any liquids these days. So bringing your own drink is out of the question, but you can bring your own food and snacks.

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