7 Businesses Perfect for Working from Home

Many small businesses follow the evolution from a corner of the living room or from a so called garage entrepreneur to the large office in a business building. But there are many small businesses that are better suited for working from home than in an office building.

Today we look at seven businesses that are considered perfect for working from home. But before we do that, we first look at three specific criteria that you should consider before you start a business from home:

1. Contact with Clients

Client contact is the first issue that you should look at. You should determine whether a business can remain and for most prosper at home, or whether it’s best to move the business to an office building or industrial site. You should think carefully about how much and what sort of client contact your business may bring. Is that client contact suitable for a home office or would it better to hire an office away from home?

Tip: if it possible you should consider making a separate entrance to your home office.

2. Business Brand

Branding is very important whether or not you should work from home. You should always try to look true the eyes of the clients; what do they see? A professional organization that is run from a home office or an organization run from a kitchen? You, the location, the skills and how things are organized determine how clients will see your business.

This doesn’t mean you can’t achieve positive branding with a home office. But it does depend on the type of business that is run from home and the brand that you’ve built up in the past (for instance as an expert in a specific field)

For example an attorney can work from a home office, but big companies will most likely not hire this attorney. But if this attorney is the best in its field, big companies will most likely hire the attorney.

Think about how you would like others to see your business and if this is still possible from a home office. And remember branding start from day one!

3. Forced to Move

No matter how professional you keep things at home-business, in most cases there will come a time that you are forced to move, whether it is because you need more storage space or need additional space for new employees. Think about this issue before you start a work from home business.

Do you like products stocked all over the house? Do you want employees in and around your house?

On the other hand if your business is only intellectual or something that you can do on your own, chances are better that you’ll are able to stay at home.

Some Good Home-Businesses

With the considerations described above in mind, you should look at some businesses that are suited to have a work from home office:

Architect – This is one of the more ideal work from home businesses. Not because you do almost of all of the work yourself, but having prospective clients stop by your home will actually help sells your business. Because you should always want to see the house of an architect before you even want to hire him or her. Common sense!

Interior Designer – As with the work from home architect, the same goes for an interior designer. You want to see the house of an interior designer before you hire him or her. So this makes it an ideal business to do from home.

Home Builder – The same as the previous two, it’s good to see what they have built for themselves before hiring them.

Caterer – Not possible in every country! It is an ideal work from home business, because you can do the cooking and preparations easily at home. But as mention before in some countries it is not allowed to prepare large quantities of food for business purposes in your own home. Check your local laws and guidelines on this subject!

Cooking professions – Cooking related professions such as writing cookbooks, food reviews or creating new recipes are ideal to do from home.

Service Professionals – What we mean here are those businesses where the bulk of the work is done in other people’s homes or business. For example: cleaning services, carpenter, home repairs, house painter, electrician and so on. Most of the work that you would do in your home – with these professions – are making phone calls to clients (can also be done on your mobile from your car) to setup appointments and doing some paperwork or maybe accounting.

Computer professions – Computer related professions such as a software engineer, graphic designer or web designer are ideal to do from home. In most cases it is solitary work, with no or modest storage space needed.

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