6 Work at Home Tips While Taking Care of your Children

You finally work at home, but as every stay at home mom or dad can tell you, getting the work done and also taking care of the children can be a daunting task.

The children will not play quietly in the corner of the room while you do your work at home job. They scream and fight over toys, just when you make that important phone call. You just started and already the children need your attention. You’ll find things aren’t quite what you imagined when you started your work at home job.

The children needed your attention or weren’t quiet before you started to work, so why shouldn’t they do it now?

With a little planning you can care for your children and get your job done. Below you’ll find some planning tips to get your work done:

1. Nap time
If your children have a nap time, you should take advantage of this time. Especially for the task that need you’re full and undivided attention. You can concentrate fully on difficult task during nap time.

2. On their own
Most children play on there own during the first hours after breakfast. Because there is (almost) no need for you to intervene or participate during these hours, you can get some work done during these hours. Just do the normal morning routine (breakfast, dress them, etc) and let them play with their toys (or what ever they like to do) for a few hours.

Remember to check on them from time to time or work at a place where you can keep an eye on them.

3. Scheduled
Make a schedule and explain to them when they can expect your attention, for a tea break or lunch for instance. You also tell them that if there is an emergency or a problem that they always can call or come to you.

A schedule works for the somewhat older children, not for the little ones of course. They need your attention the most and in most cases don’t understand the concept of a schedule.

4. Work place
As said in 2, the best thing to do is to setup a workspace there where you can keep an eye on your children. This way they can also come to you for 1 minute of mommy or daddy time. These little minutes do wonders to keeping them calm and keeping the mayhem to a minimum.

5. Little independence
Because of the undivided attention you have given them in the past (before your work at home job) your children will most likely also expect your attention now, when ever they feel like it. Teach them some little independence. They can get a drink or snack for themselves. How to turn on the television or watch a DVD (learn them that they still have to ask, of course!)

Works best with somewhat older children.

6. No time
If everything fails and you have no time to do your work at home job, then maybe you can ask family to help you. Or you can hire someone for a few hours a week, so that you have time to do the important things.

Maybe you have a friend that also have children, maybe you can setup play-date schedule. When you don’t work you watch your children and the children of your friend and when you need to work then your friend look after the children.

These are just a few tips, get creative and setup a schedule. And remember always do the important task of your work at home job first, because your time is limited.

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