6 Landing Page Design Tips

Attracting traffic is easy. The tricky part is converting it!

A landing page is a WebPage where people are directed to after they have clicked on an online ad. For example if they clicked on a banner, an AdWords ad or a link in a newsletter.

Landing pages are used to persuade a person to spend more time on a page or to do something, like:

  • Leaving an email address
  • Buy a product
  • Leaving contact information (address, phone-number, etc)

conversion landing page flowchart

As you can see, these are not things people will do without some persuasion. So how do you persuade the visitors to do what you want? A good designed landing page is the key!

Six steps to design a good landing page:

1. Define your Conversion

If a visitor takes a desired action, you have a conversion. So before you can design the landing page you have to define what the page conversion activity is. This is very important because this is the basis of the landing page and you write or build you’re page around it. For instance: an opt-in for a newsletter is different then a sales landing page.

2. Choosing the Landing Page URL

Must the landing page have its own unique URL or is the page going to be placed on a existing website? Is it necessary that people can remember the URL?

When the landing is used in an offline promotion (flyers, television commercial, etc) then it is necessary that the URL is easy to remember. If the landing page is used in an online AdWords campaign then it is not necessary that the page can remembered easy, but to be save it is better that you always choose an easy to remember URL.

3. Demographic research

You have to figure out what your visitors are looking for and what offer will work. If you don’t know then you have to find out. (Maybe by adding a question form on your site, ask them!) Keep the answers and the person in mind when creating your landing page.

4. The Lay-out

Before you start make a quick layout on paper. Determine which elements you want to place in a landing page. (Use the input from step 1 to 3.) Some quick tips: don’t add too much to the page, keep it clean and professional, don’t add to many buttons or links and the most important information should be above the fold.

5. Writing

If you have written a landing page before, you know that the text is very important. Sometimes changing one sentence can change you’re conversion rate dramatically. Even changing one word in the title can have a direct effect. So you should write different versions of the landing page. (Why? See the last step).

6. Measure, Change and Test it

After you have finished the design of your landing page, you should test it. You should remember that it is always possible to make a landing page a little better and thus increasing your conversion rate. So you should keep testing and changing things, to find out what is working and what is not.

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