6 Email Marketing Rules

There are some basic rules to set-up an effective Email campaign. If these six rules are followed then nothing should stand in the way of having a successful Email campaign.

Personalize the Mails

A lot of people get dozens of emails per day. So you have to make sure that the reader will notice your email. An effective way to accomplish this is by using the name of the person in the emails. There are different software programs that can do this for you. These programs can make use of variables in the emails. So you could say something like this: You must read this $name! The $name then will automatically be replaced with the name of the person where you send the mail to. (The example will then look like this: You must read this Joe!)

Don’t Try to Sell Products in the Title

The subject and title of an email must be used to stimulate the reader to read on. If you use the name of the product in the subject or title they can determine that they don’t need this product and they won’t read on. So you won’t have the chance to explain how great your product is and why they have to have it.

Layout of the email

You must make sure that the email can be read easily. People don’t like long emails. Be to the point and make use of paragraphs.

Use a story

Most people don’t like to read information as a list of facts. They rather read a nice story. So you have to make sure you camouflage the important information in a nice readable story.

Call to Action

Let readers know what they have to do. Make sure that you put clear ‘call to action’ links in the mails. (For example “Order NOW” links, “You can get it HERE”, etc.) Use different ‘call to action’ links throughout the email.

Get Feedback

Ask your readers to reply if they have any questions. This way you’re building a “relationship” with your readers. You also should reply to their questions. This way you earn their trust much easier. If you have their trust, selling them a product becomes much easier. Another advantage of feedback is that you can use the feedback to make your emails better and better.
If you follow these rules for your Email Marketing Campaign then you will make more sales then ever before.

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