5 Ways to a Happier Home Business

You’ve thought serious about starting a home-based business, but you’ve have children around the house. Does this spell the end of your work from home fantasies? By no means at all!

There are a lot home-based businesses that run successfully with kids let in the work vicinity. But that’s not to suggest that children and home businesses fold together naturally. It takes planning, flexibility and some guidelines. Below you’ll find some tips to help you on your way.

1. You’re in Business Now

You should spread the news that you’re in business. Spread the new amongst friends and family. Tell them that you don’t have time during business hours and that they shouldn’t disturb you unless it’s an emergency.

2. Who is on Kids Duty?

However you set things up, don’t assume that working from home eliminates the need for child care. Especially young children require a fair amount of ongoing supervision. The kid’s duty is one of the first issues you’ll need to confront as a home business owner. Maybe your spouse is also around the house during business hours, than you’re in luck!

But in most cases your spouse is most likely not available. Look into things like, play school, a sitter or play dates with neighbor’s children. Try to create a block of time for uninterrupted work, at least for one morning a week. (A day would be better, but in most cases this is already too much to ask for.)

3. Working Hours

As home-based business owner with kids running around the house you’ll need to acknowledge that you may not get all the work done, all the time. If you think that you or your business can’t handle this, then you should give it a serious thought as to whether working from home is a good idea at all.

Don’t try to start a business from home if the business is confined to “usual” business hours, your working hours need to be flexible, especially with kids around. In most cases you only have continuous time of an hour max. Try to plan work time during naps, play time, etc.

4. Kids Free Workspace

Try to create an office or workspace that is completely separate from other parts of the house. This doesn’t mean guarantee privacy, but you can use it to setup some rules with your family (of course only if the children are old enough to understand the rules and old enough to leave them alone for an hour or so.) Tell them for instance that if the door is open they can come in at anytime. If the door is almost closed, they can come in if it’s really necessary. If the door is closed, don’t disturb. Also tell them that they can disturb you in case of emergency, after all they are kids, they need to feel save!

5. Opportunities

While kids and work from home may seem to boil down to compromise, you also bear in mind the possibilities that it can offer. For instance, additional income, change of kids home-schooling (handy if you live in the country side), a career and the ability to talk to grownups or talking business during the day time (instead of talking to children during the day time.) This are only a few valuable opportunities, made possible because of working from home.

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