5 Tips to Avoid Distractions in Your Home Office

One of the difficult things when you work at home is avoiding outside distractions during your workday. To get your work done, you need to safeguard yourself against these distractions and make your home office a distraction free zone. Below you will find 5 tips that can help you with this.

1. Office Door
If you have other people (for instance your children or spouse) in the house during your “work from home” working hours then you need agree on a signal when you don’t want to be distracted.

For instance you can use your home-office door for this. An example:

  • Door open – ask me anything you want.
  • Door half-closed – don’t interrupted me if not necessary.
  • Door closed – I don’t want to be disturbed (see note).

Note: always let people (especially children) know that if it is really important (for instance in case of an emergency) they can interrupt you.

2. Headphones
Headphones are great to safeguard you from noises in the house that can distract you from your work. Of course you need to make sure that the music if not playing to loud, otherwise you can’t concentrate.

3. Webcam
Web-cams can be used for many things. For instance you can use them for video-conferences. Some face to face time with someone can help to avoid many phone calls (that are a distraction) during the workday.

Another place where you could hang a web-cam is at your front-door. This way you can see who is at the door from your office-chair and of course to assort which people you want to see or not.

4. House chores
The biggest mistake you can make is doing house chores during your work day. Make a plan when you work for your business and when you do other things such as house chores, pick-up the kids, etc. And most of stick to the plan you’ve made.

5. No other choice
Sometimes your home-office isn’t quiet enough to do your work. For instance on holidays; when your kids are running through the house and your spouse is vacuuming the house. If this is the case than take your laptop, mobile phone and go somewhere else, like a neighbourhood park for instance. Sometimes you don’t have any choice, at least if you want to be distracted and get the “work from home” job done.

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One Response to “5 Tips to Avoid Distractions in Your Home Office”

  1. J. Wood on December 19th, 2008 06:19

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