5 Tips for Naming your Business

The naming of your business should not be taken lightly as it is not only the first step necessary to establish a business presence but also one of the most critical steps of any business start-up. There are multiple factors that need to be taken into consideration when you begin deciding what you will be naming your business and as such we have tried to provide a few guidelines in this respect.

First and foremost it is importance that the name which you select must be legally obtainable. This name should symbolize what you do as well as what you will be doing for years to come. You must also reflect upon such business entities as trademarks, registration of your chosen name and effects of name branding. In this article we will relate five important things to deliberate upon when deciding what your important business name should be.

1. Don’t limit yourself

Should your long term target include selling your enterprise then you should never contemplate naming the business after yourself. Reserve your name for your family and create a more generic type name. Additionally, you doubtlessly have an idea of what you intend your business to do, however in general, most businesses usually start life doing one thing but ultimately end up doing something entirely different.

2. Select your business name with a passion

Should you have an inspiration for your business name by all means use it. When you clarify to another why you have chosen the name you did, you not only attract customers but you also fuel their enthusiasm and support for your company.

3. Emphasize those qualities which you wish to promote

Wisely using adjectives embedded within your business name can endow an added insight into the nature of your business to your prospective customers. As an example when you exploit words such as cheap, discount and affordable you are conveying to the customer information relating to your prices. In a similar manner, you could relate to quality or to other aspects of your business.

If you consign an emphasis upon your state, city or community you possibly could encourage your customers to select your local shop or perhaps you fancy targeting a global consumer base. In either case ensure that your business name properly reflects these ideals.

4. Easy to pronounce and simple to say

An interesting argument to be established here is whether a potential customer upon hearing your business name on the TV or radio could effectively reiterate it on one of the search engines? Is it spelled the way it sounds as this can be a very important point?

5. Set your business apart

Prior to making your final name decision search that name on the internet. Are other businesses using the same or a similar name? If so does it produce too many search results? Is the domain name free?

Create a list of your closest competitors. Ensure that your name does not sound too similar to theirs if so you can presume a few consequences. As an example, should you have a similar name as another local business even though your products are dissimilar, you could inadvertently receive information or FAX messages relating to products you don’t use. This can sometimes be a burden to a business.

Now that you have a few suggestions for creating your business name you can institute your brainstorming session. Play around with various words and create a list of suitable candidates which you may come across. Repeat the words to yourself to hear how they sound aloud. Watch your friends’ and family to see how they respond to the name. Good luck and good naming.

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