5 Reasons to sell info-products and make money online

When you say “I make money online with info-products” most people think that you sell e-books. This is only partial true, an info-product can be much more then just an e-book.

In fact all media that carry information from the seller to the buyer is called info-products.

So info-products can also be: reports, e-courses, music downloads, software, audios, videos and many other things.

If you sell info-products online then you are in one of the modern ways of doing business.

And doing business online comes with several advantages, especially when you sell info-products that can be delivered electronically. (Of course you can also sell physical info-products online, but it doesn’t have all the advantages electronically delivered info-products have.)

Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages of selling info-products:

Virtual Products
Most people that sell info-products online, sell electronically delivered products. Most info-products are virtual products. Take an e-book for instance you write it once, but you can sell it over and over again without making new once like with a physical book.

The advantage is that you don’t have to pay for manufacturing, storage or shipping. This will save you a lot of money, which you can put in your pocket right away.

High Profit Potential
Because you only have to manufacture the info-products once, the profit potential is high.

An example: you find a freelancer that writes an e-book for $250. You sell the e-book for $25. After you sell 10 e-books, you already have reached the break even point, after that it is almost all pure profit. (We say almost because, you still have to pay taxes, hosting cost, etc.) But if you sell hard copies of the book, you have to make new once after you sold your inventory. (Do you begin to see why selling info-products to make money online can be very profitable? Read on.)

No Delivery Cost
Besides almost no delivery cost delivering info-products is easy (again we say almost because most hosting contracts have a bandwidth limitation, for instance 10GB. After that you have to pay extra. So using 2MB for delivering an e-book will cost you something.)

The delivery process of an info-product is simple and very fast. The customer pays electronically, with PayPal or credit-card for instance. Once the payment is processed the customer is redirected to the download page or the product is delivered using e-mail. Quick and easy, the customer can use the product right away.

Worldwide Store
Generally you can sell your info-product worldwide, depending on the language you use in the product. Whatever language you choose, you at least have a worldwide exposure. As long as the people can reach your website and can use the form of payment processing you offer, they can become a customer.

Self Promotion
Another great advantage of selling info-products is that you can also use them for self promotion. For instance: you can leave a link to other products in an e-book. Especially linking to complementary products can be very effective. (Of course, as long the people like your product.) Another example: is that you mention other products (and where they can find them) in the beginning and end of your videos that you sell online.

As you can see there are several advantages if you make money online by selling info-products.

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