5 reasons for Owning a Premium Domain Name

Every small business owner that has an online business to make money online knows that they need to own their company name as a “.com.” But if you are a smart business owner you not only own the “.com” domain, but also related domain names or variations of the primary domain name.

This is way you should own related domain names or variations of the primary domain name:

1. Competition
Owning variations of your domain name will prevent loss of traffic. For example if you own hello.com then some variations could be helo.com, hi.com, goodday.com, etc. You could point these domains to your main domain. Also it helps cutting your competition if you have several domains that are related to your main business domain name.

2. Branding
Owning related domain names helps with branding. For instance if you are a photographer you could own domains related to cameras, portrait photography or wedding photography.

This way people can see your website as a leader in a specific field.

3. Cuts Marketing Costs
Having several top domain names that are related to each other helps cutting the marketing costs. For instance you can have advertisement on one site for one of the other site.

4. Valuable assets
Every webmaster knows that a domain name becomes more valuable over time. Why you may ask? Because you add more and more content. The domain is also getting more and more incoming links, thus the domain will rise in the search engine results.

5. Global Reach
To get a global reach you should also get your main domain name in country-specific domains like .co.uk, .de, .nl and so on. These domains will help you establish your brand and name in those regions and help you increase your global reach.

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