5 Quick Tips about Online Money Making

Are you one of the people that want to start a business online? Then these quick online money making tips are for you, because a business start-up can be very confusing. Below you will find 5 steps that will help you in your money making efforts and to make them go more smoothly.

1. Which Market

Before you start anything, think about the market that you want to start a business in. Thinking and especially planning a new business is very important. The key is to choose a market where people are spending money in.

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2. Product or Service

As with the market planning, you need to think about if you want to sell a product or want to offer a service. You can make the product or service yourself, but if you can’t, then there are many freelance sites online where you can hire someone who can write, code or build anything you want. (Some examples: write eBooks or reports (information products), code programs, build websites or blog themes, make graphics or video’s, etc.)

3. An Online Presence

Of course, you need an online presence to make money online. Register a domain, choose a hosting provider, email auto-responder and choose between a blog and a website.

Tip: besides articles, try to use audio and video on your blog or website.

Tip 2: always choose for a premium domain name!

4. Marketing

After you’ve setup your blog/website and have your product or service online, it is time to do some marketing. You should spend most of your time on marketing your business and at link building. Without traffic you want sell anything!

A mistake most people make is that they not focus on the product or service they sell. They jump from one money making opportunity to another. Focus and follow through on your plan!

Another mistake many online businesses make is that they don’t have a good back-end marketing strategy.

5. Innovate and Repeat

Once you’ve established yourself and your website in specific market, you should try to find and make new product or services (in short try to innovate!) Once you’ve have a new product or service you repeat all the steps.

Tip: write down everything you do during the business start-up (also if something did not work!) This way you can follow or make changes if you want to start your next business.

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