5 Good Places to Connect and Network

A lot of business owners associate networking and social sites with wasted time and if you think that time is money than wasted time equals…less money! We agree that wasting time is wasting potential money, but we don’t agree that networking and social media sites are a complete waste of time.

To be successful you need to have to network. Without a large network around your business, you’re not successful. Of course with everything in life there’s a balance to be maintained between hitting the refresh button to check your stats 24/7 and hitting the trade show circuit so often you forget what your house looks like.

But if you choose to fly completely under the radar then you (and your business) are missing out on some serious potential to make money online.

1. Twitter

Yes, yes we know that you aren’t interested in the breakfast habits of most people, this why we don’t tweet about it. But if this is the reason why you don’t use twitter then you are missing out on a great business tool.

Twitter is a great tool to come and keep in contact with other professionals in your industry. You see what they are interested in and you can “talk” with them by leaving replies. And if they like what you are doing maybe they follow you.

And this is the power of twitter. People only follow you if they have read something interesting that you’ve wrote. Think of the potential. You can update news to your followers, for instance of a new product or service. Or you can ask for certain information on about a product. You can let them know what new content you’ve places online and so on.

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2. Facebook

People are relying on search engines for almost everything these days. But search engines don’t tell you who the people are behind a certain website or online business. People like to know with whom they are dealing. On Facebook you can create a personalized how-to guide to your life and interest.

Why do you need to care? Most partnerships or business relations don’t form over a common love of anti-socializing. Forming common interests and connecting on a personal level will strengthen your business ties.

Little warning: more and more business look on sites like Facebook to determine who a person is. For this reason you should never upload information that can harm your image in the long run. For instance: photographs of a party where you had a little much to drink or text like “I hate all animals.” These things can lose you business opportunities.

3. LinkedIn

A lot of people use this site, from students to employees, from small business owners to corporate executives. This site is the most professional online network and it is providing one of the biggest opportunities for finding a direct contact of a specific company. You can join a group or search for connections. For instance if you are interested in a job opportunity or you need some business information that you couldn’t find on your own.

4. Trade-shows or Conventions

Trade-shows or conventions can be a great way to network and to meet people in your industry. Sure they can also be a pain, such as booking, living in hotels, walking the floors, difference in time zones and so on. But still, they are completely worth it!

The people you meet can be the person you’re doing big business with a year from now. So give it a go!

5. Forums

Forums are a great way to meet people and to ask for help. Sure in the very beginning all communication will be “semi-anonymous”, but after a while you will learn and meet certain people. (In most cases these contacts result in direct e-mail contact.)

For instance you can find some great freelancers for decent prices on forums best way to lose weight fast. Another great thing of forums is that you can ask for feedback, for instance on a new landing page or about a new service.


Don’t dismiss the social media sites for networking opportunities right away. They are a great way to meet other people from your industry, so try them out for a couple of months. You never know who you meet and end up doing business with.

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