4 Tips to Make Your Marketing Message Stick

Did you ever find yourself humming an old advertising jingle? I bet you did!
What makes one marketing message stick while others (in fact most of them) are barely noticed?

Memory can be a tricky thing. We each have a unique individual set of filters through which we experience and view the world. This of course includes the marketing messages directed at us.

Each year businesses spend billions of marketing dollars to reach a specific audience. Also each component of a marketing campaign is studied and measured before it’s used. You can write an entire book about how to make a marketing message stick and what makes a messages memorable, including the four PROVEN ways written down below.

1. The so called ‘Ah-hah’ moment

Learning a new and sometimes an eye-opening fact can really make a marketing message stick. Some of the best marketing messages ever created open minds, but it’s very hard to achieve this (if you don’t lookout it can also flip and work against you.) One example of a mind opening marketing message (for many people) was one of the first Apple Computer ads. They positioned themselves as David against Goliath IBM, view the YouTube video of this old commercial below:

2. Evoke an Emotion in your Marketing Message

Your target audience will watch and more important remember your advertising message better if you can evoke their emotions. These emotions can be: shock, heartstrings, surprise and laughing.

Anger is also an emotion that you can use, but it won’t work with most products and services that you are trying to sell.

An ad can become unforgettable if the right emotion is triggered, but people can get an aversion for your product and services, so be careful when you use emotions in your marketing message.

3. Recommendations from Others

A personal recommendation from a friend can directly affect the purchase decisions that you make. The goal of every business is to get those personal recommendations and most public relations campaigns focuses on this marketing technique. For instance: good website, lots of relevant and in-depth information available, referral campaigns, social or traditional networking, reward programs or other crowd pleasing tactics are used to get those recommendations. Of course the business needs to have a great product or services, good pricing and good customer’s service before anything else is done.

4. Unforgettable Savings

With the emphasis on saving money these days, this is a good way to make your marketing messages stick. Your message will become a “recommendation message” if the offer has a great low price. People will remember the offer and they will tell it to others.

Tip: because of the global recession consumers are focusing on “needs” rather than “wants”, make use of this fact in your marketing message. Packages the message as a “need” and offer a special price.

In Conclusion

As said before, there are many ways to make a marketing message stick, but the four ways described above are proven to work. You should watch out that when you evoke emotions in your ads that they don’t turn against you.

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