32 Tips to Save Money on Grocery Shopping

In these economic troubling times every little bit you can save helps. Below you will find thirty-two tips to save money on groceries. Of course you don’t have to apply all thirty-two, but maybe you will find couple that you can easily apply, so that you can set money aside for when you really need it.

1. Shop at different stores. This can trim your food bill by much as 19 percent.

2. Never shop on an empty stomach.

3. Don’t shop in rush after work. Plan a weekly menu before shopping and see your grocery bill shrink.

4. Prepared foods are expensive, so don’t waste your money on them. Instead you should prepare meals ahead of time and freeze them. (A good way to do this is to cook a double portion and freeze the second for another day.)

5. The food industry response to the rising costs is decreasing package sizes while keeping the price constant. Check the packages of products that you always buy before you buy them; maybe you can buy another product with more content for the same price.

6. Buy products that are in season from farmer’s markets. The prices on farmers markets are normally lower because there are no middlemen involved.

7. In most stores they put the highest mark-up items at chest level on the shelves. Kneel down or reach up to get the mostly cheaper house brands.

8. Shop when you’re alone, for instance when the children are at school. Children can quickly boost your grocery shopping bill.

9. Some main aisles in a shop are filled with high priced items. Try to avoid those high priced areas.

10. Make use of a shopping list and try to only buy the items on the list.

11. Try to shop early in the day. This way you spend less time in the store, which will help against impulse buying.

12. One of the things you should never do is shopping when you’re tired. When you’re tired then you need more high-carbohydrates. The result is that you will buy more sweets or junk-food.

13. Read the weekly food section of your local newspaper to find grocery sales.

14. You can save as much as 20 percent if you buy markdown grocery.

15. Clipping coupons to get a good deal is always a good idea.

16. Some supermarkets or public libraries have coupon swap-boxes.

17. Some stores have coupon displays and even sometimes machines that spew them. Make use of these features to save money.

18. Some online homepages of supermarkets have coupons on them that you can use to save money.

19. Checkout the national-brands coupon-offering services on the Web.

20. Some supermarkets will double the value of manufacturer’s coupons. Look for these supermarkets in your area!

21. Sometimes it is possible to use the manufacturer’s coupons and the shops own coupon at the same time. Try to make use of this triple play action to save money on groceries.

22. Don’t buy non-grocery items at a grocery store. In most cases they can be found cheaper elsewhere.

23. Try to get a rain check if a sales item is gone. (Only if need this item of course.)

24. Take your calculator with you to the shop. This way you can easily calculate if for instance a case is cheaper then a single item.

25. Request for price matching of a competitor’s ads. This will save you a trip to the other store, thus gas and money.

26. The bargain store has usually good prices, but this doesn’t mean it is the best price you can find. So look before you buy!

27. Always check your receipts! The store staff is also human, so mistakes happen.

28. Sometimes you can get rebates on items for instance $2. Always send in these rebates, a couple of them and you receive a nice sum.

29. Looking for bargains? Some stores have special section with products that aren’t as popular as the manufacturer had hoped.

30. Try to find out when your local supermarket marks down goods that may expire in 2 days, for instance bread or meat. These products are fine to eat. Use them the same day or freeze them.

31. Some manufactures have a toll-free number on the label of the product. Some will send you free samples or coupons if you ask them. It is free to ask, so try it!

32. Some newspapers have coupon inserts. At the end of the day most newspaper vendors dump the newspapers at the end of the day. Ask for some of these coupons inserts, they are dumped anyway!

As you can see, there are many ways to save money on groceries. Put the money aside that you save with this tips, for instance on a saving account. The money that you can save with tips can add up to a nice sum in the long run. So give them a go or pick a few!

Do you have a grocery money saving tip then leave a comment for your fellow money savers!

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  1. Financial Planning for Expectant Parents on January 9th, 2009 21:50

    Lovely ideas for saving money at the grocery store!