15 Linkbaiting Techniques

As said before in the “How to get more incoming links” article, ‘link-baiting’ is a term that is used to describe the practice to get incoming links to your website.

We can’t give you a definitive list because people make up new things all the time, but with the list below you can start your own link-baiting campaign!

But before we start I’ve to mention two things:

  • We don’t endorse all the techniques described below, some are good, and others are of questionable nature. But with all things on the net, people still use them. It is up to you if you use them or not.
  • Not all people use the techniques below to get links; some have all kinds of different motivation to use the techniques. In those cases the links they get are just a side effect.

So take a look at the link-baiting techniques that are commonly used by webmasters on the net:

1. Quizzes – People like quizzes, surveys, puzzles or test. Make sure that you have a nice image button that people can use in their articles.

2. Tools – Website owners or users like free useful or fun tools that they can use on their own website or blog. Make sure you at a link to your website in the tool. An example is wordpress, it’s free and they add link in the footer of every blog. Sure, some people will take the link out, but most don’t. It will get you a lot of incoming links.

3. Contests – People like to participate in things. Contests for instance, people love them, especially if there are great prices to be won.

4. The first – if you are the first to mention or do something in your niche most likely people in the same niche will link to your article or video. Like that guy that traded a red paperclip for house.

5. Scoops – this is related to being the first. If you can break a story (for instance the first to tell that Apple is making a new laptop) people will link to it. If the story is big enough the incoming links will come fast.

6. Humour – People like to laugh, so bring news or a story with some humour mixed in then people will link to it. Everybody knows those funny e-mails that are send around the office, if you can make such an e-mail with a link to your website inside then you are golden (if the e-mail is funny of course.)

7. Lists – People like useful list, like the list on this site for instance “150 Essential Business or Freelancing Tools and Resources” all the tools you need to setup your business on one webpage. Why do you think that people often post links on social sites like digg or del.icio.us? They love list.

8. Awards – Everyone loves to win an award, especially if it is from a respectable source. So if you are considered a specialist in a specific field, maybe you should introduce an award for your field.

9. Can’t do themselves – Give people something that they can’t do themselves. For instance: maybe you are a very good web designer. Then you should make a blog theme that people can download from your site. Or you are photographer; you can give them free pictures for their websites (only to be used it they link to your site of course.) The list is endless, just look at your skills and make something.

10. Rants – a good and well written rand can create a lot of buzz, thus getting you a lot of incoming links. But be careful, it can also backfire. The community can turn against you.

11. Controversy – Controversial post or articles can get a strong reaction from people and thus a lot of incoming links. But as with the rants, you have to be careful that it doesn’t backfire.

12. Statistics or research – well researched articles can attracted a lot of incoming links. The same for statistics from surveys for instance can attract a lot of links. An example: a website could take a survey among their readers about what the readers buy online. The results are then published in a separate article.

13. Community – people like to belong to something, like a community. If they have their own website, they most likely will link to the community website. So, try to build a community. Note that I say try, it’s hard to build a community.

14. Forum – as with a community people loves to link to forums. The questions and answers given on a forum will attracted a lot of incoming links. Another good thing is that the people on forums create the content of your website for you.

15. Give something away – People like free stuff! You can create a great buzz by giving something away and thus getting those incoming links.

Note: the link baiting techniques described above may overlap or used at the same time.

As said before this is not a complete list of link-baiting techniques but if you can do some of these things, you will get those most wanted incoming links!

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One Response to “15 Linkbaiting Techniques”

  1. Randy Jodoin on September 28th, 2008 23:12

    Right now I use about 5 of these methods, and they seem to be working well…
    But after reading this article I will try to add more to my marking plan…

    Good stuff…