12 Purchases For Your Home Office

When you work from home then you have to decide (instead of your boss) which purchases you make for your home office. You have to decide what are needs or wants. The things that are described below are things that you really need.

1. Good Monitor
When you work from home as an online freelancer then you stare a lot of time at the monitor. So you have to make sure that the monitor is good. Make sure that it has a high enough resolution, also the large the better (a 22″ for instance.) Especially if you need to have multiple programs open.

2. Second Monitor
Studies have shown that adding a second monitor will increase work productivity by 20 percent. Especially if you need to have multiple programs open at one time. For instance, on one screen you can have your e-mail program open and on the other you work in MS Word.

3. A printer
Of course you could try to have a paperless office, but everybody need to print something at sometime. Making hard copies of invoices for instance. To save money, set the monochrome cartridge as default. Use color only if it is necessary.

4. Whiteboard
A whiteboard is very handy in your home office. You can use them for: invoice tracking, scheduling, to-do lists and brainstorming. And the best thing is that they are cheap!

5. Filing cabinet
Having a filing cabinet or folder system is a must. Of course a filing cabinet is more expensive but I think it’s worth it. You can put papers or invoices in the right folder right away. You will have you’re a lot more space on your desk, trust me!

6. Ergonomic chair
You spend hours a day at a computer probably, so the best thing you can do for your back is buying a good ergonomic chair. You can pick one up for less than $200. Think about the future, your health is the most important thing you have. So don’t save money on this one.

7. USB thumb drive
You need to make backups of everything, very important. Nothing is worse then loosing hours of work and don’t have a backup of it.

8. Wrist wrest
You should get some keyboard and mouse-pad wrist wrest; this is more ergonomically for your wrist. As with the chair, your health is more important than a few bucks.

9. Portable fan
If don’t have an air-conditioner system in your house, your home office probably don’t have one either. So get a portable fan for those hot summers, you’ll work more easily.

10. Optical and wireless mouse
No one can work on a cluttered desk and a wireless mouse is one more step to make the desk less cluttered.

11. Speaker system
Sometimes you need to see video’s for your online business. So get a good speaker system. Don’t get headphones because they can be a little uncomfortable after a few hours of work. You can also use the speaker system to listen to music while you work.

12. Good lighting
You have to make sure that the lighting in your home office is very good. If the lights in your office are no good, you will get tired, your concentration goes down or your eyes will start to heart. With all this things going on you can’t get your work done.

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