10 Ways to Reduce your Food Bill

You may have noticed that the food prices have gone up considerably. Not only due to inflation or due to producers that raised their profit margins, but also due to new things like BIO-fuels.

(Side-note: more and more grain is used in BIO-fuels. Farmers can’t keep up with the demand, so the prices go up, which in turn raises the price of many food products.)

Here are ten ways to reduce your food bill and still maintain the same quality for your meal:

1. Plan Ahead

Think about what meals you want to make before you go to the grocery store or supermarket. This way you avoid buying unwanted food. So plan your menus and only buy what you planned for.

2. Buy in bulk

Everybody knows that buying in bulk is much cheaper, because of the lower cost per-unit. But you must only buy non-perishable food product such as pasta and rice in larger bulk. Non-food products such as cleaning product and washing powder can also be bought in large quantities. Don’t buy too much of a product that will not last – you don’t save money if you have to throw it away.

3. Grow your own food

Besides saving you money, growing your own food is fun and it has some therapeutic value. When you don’t have a piece of land where you can grow your own food, you always can rent an allotment. All in all you can still save a lot of money.

4. Special offers

Find the supermarket that has the most special offers. But only buy the special offers; don’t fall for the marketing trick that is used by the supermarkets that you buy more than the special offers.

5. Roadside Markets

You can get a better deal at markets where you can bargain. (Supermarket prices are fixed.) At most markets it is easy to bargain because most of the stallholders have to compete. So don’t be shy and demand a bargain or at least something extra.

6. Reduced items

Most supermarkets reduce prices of perishable products at the end of the day (especially at the weekends.) But you must only buy what you can eat before the sell-by date.

7. Cut down on luxury foods

Reduce the buying of luxurious food products. This will save you a lot of money not to mention you waste line. Luxurious products are: chocolate, ice cream, chips, pie, etc. Only buy them on special occasions or for the weekends. See them as a special treat.

8. Buy at farmer markets

Farmer markets don’t only offer good quality food, but most of the time it is cheaper too. At most farmer markets it is possible to bargain.

9. Freeze meals

Don’t waste any food. Did you buy too much, freeze the food that you don’t use. Do you have leftovers from for instance a pasta meal, freeze these leftovers.

10. Don’t shop when you’re hungry

Everybody knows this one, don’t go grocery shopping when you are hungry. You will end up with more things then there are on your shopping list. So go shopping after you have eaten!

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