10 Ways to Persuade Visitors to Buy Products

Not all visitors of a web shop will actually buy something. The average conversion rate of a web shop is 2-3 percent. Although more and more people shop online, there is still a very large group (around 80-90%) that likes shopping offline. (According to E-marketer this percentage hasn’t changed much the last couple of years.)

Although the conversion of an average web shop is 3%, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t web shops that have a conversion rate of 15-25 percent. In most cases are this niche web shops or web shops that can sell products cheaper than the average web shop. (Normally products like books, clothes, computer parts or similar products have a higher conversion rate then other products.)

An average online shopper is looking one or more of the following things:

  • Low risk (They find products of great value to risky)
  • Trust / Shop should be dependable
  • Simple shopping (not filling out 20 forms,etc)
  • Information
  • Cheap or free delivery

How can you persuade visitors to buy your products? If you follow these ten easy steps then you should not have any problem.

1. Your site should look professional and trust worthy. Good presentation is the key. (It also should load quickly)

2. Information about a product should be found easily. (Not only product information but also reviews from other buyers)

3. Don’t try to sell an inferior product as top quality.

4. If a product needs another product and you sell them separately then mention this clearly (For instance: a television that doesn’t come with a special cable)

5. Delivery cost should be as low as possible. If a consumer can buy the same product (with the same price) on a different site with lower delivery cost, they will buy there.

6. Tell the customer more about the delivery process. Can they use a tracking system, how long delivery takes, warranty terms, etc.

7. Customers like to read what others think of a product or your service. So link to positive reviews about your company or products.

8. Try to make the payment process easy. People don’t like it if they have to fill out several pages.

9. Try to deliver more then a customer expects. Send a free sample with there order. People love free stuff!

10. Always try to help a customer if they have a problem with your product.

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