10 Ways to Make Money Online with PhotoShop

Desktop publishing is still a booming business. More and more people use graphic tools like Photo-Shop these days. So if you are an expert or an experienced Photo-Shop user, try to make some money of it.

With the following list I will give you some examples and tips:

1. Become a freelance logo or banner designer.

If you look on one of the freelance sites you will see that many people search for a logo, banner, and flyer designer. Not everybody can design their own logos or banners. Maybe you can help them.

2. Create a webshop with own artwork.

If you are an artist or designer, this is a good option. Knowledge of PhotoShop may range between novice to expert.

3. Make PhotoShop brushes and sell them online.

For this you need some experience, but learning it is doable. Just be creative. You could try to sell these on your PhotoShop tutorial site.

4. Make your own tutorial site.

Make a website and write some good PhotoShop tutorials that you can post on your site. After that you could advertise on your site, with adSense or Kontera. Nothing revolutionary, but definitely worth considering. To compliment your websites income you could also try to sell some affiliate products.

5. Sell photographs or illustrations.

Unless you’re going to retouch your photographs, then you might not even need to use PhotoShop. (Most professionals retouch their photographs before selling.)

6. Participate in contests.

You could take part in Art/Design contests using PhotoShop. Sometimes, the rewards of these contests are not just monetary. In any case, you could win a lot of great prices and they are a lot of fun to do. You can use the contest entries for building up a portfolio, which in turn could lead to more lucrative jobs.

7. Offer your PhotoShop expertise and be an online tutor.

You can create learning packages and turn these in to an online course, an ebook, or a web workshop. (Maybe with some flash or YouTube movies.)

8. Create textures for games.

You make textures that can be used by amateur and professional game developers. (Make sure to sell them in big packages.)

9. Become a PhotoShop content provider.

If you don’t like to write tutorials or make your own plugins, brushes, etc. You could try to become a PhotoShop content provider. (People can sell their plug-ins on your site for commission.)

10. Create and sell your own PhotoShop plug-ins.

Almost the same as tip 1. In fact it is even better, because it requires a high level of expertise. If you come up with a great idea for a plug-ins, then you can watch your income add up.
As you can see, most of these steps are easy and doable. Are you ready to make some money online using your PhotoShop knowledge?

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