10 Tips to Save Money on Household Items

Saving money is one of those things that is easier said then done. That is why we will post a series of money saving tips. Part 3 will focus on saving money on household items.

The other parts can be found here:

So, now that is that out of the way, we can start with the money saving tips:

1. Garbage Checking
No, I don’t mean that you as adult get items out of the garbage and use it (although sometimes you can find usable items in the garbage.) But it might be useful to check what your children are throwing away (especially if they are little.) Most children don’t know what things are worth. So, if you ask your children to clean their room, it might be worthwhile to check if they are not throwing away useful things or even worse, things that are worth a lot.

2. Dollar Stores
Almost all countries have something similar as dollar stores. In these stores you can buy a wide range of products for the fraction of the cost; from snacks for school lunches to clothes to household products. They will save your family a lot of money. Check out this website from family dollar. Also bargain hunting is fun, so check it out!

3. Recycling with a twist
Did you ever receive a gift from someone that you never use? I bet you have! You can consider giving away the previous received gift as a gift to someone else. You have to make sure that the gift giver never find out, otherwise they might be upset. One way to do this is as follows; if you get a gift from your side of the family, give it away to your spouse side of the family. (As long as they are not in contact with each other they will never find out.)

One other thing you could do is to giveaway (as a gift for a party for instance) special things you no longer use, items from a collection you no longer want or need for instance.

4. Garage Sale
Your junk can be someone else it’s treasure! So, look in your house for things you can sell (garage sale or on eBay for instance.) With the money you make you can do other things or even better put it on your savings account.

5. Reuse instead of replace
Are you in need of a new sofa? Instead of spending a lot on a new sofa, maybe you can reupholster the sofa with a new fabric for less. Or you could buy a quality slip cover for you sofa. Do you need a new lamp? Why don’t you replace the shade? It’s much cheaper than a new lamp. I bet you can think of other examples.

6. Repairs
To save money you can do most of the minor repair yourself. It’s not only fun (working with your hands or learning new things), you could also save hundreds of dollars a year. Check websites such as Ask the Builder for tips on all types of repairs.

7. Buy used
Buy used instead of new products, this can save you a lot of money. Go take a look at your local consignment stores –looking is free — before you buy new!

8. Shop Online
For the bargain hunters among us the internet must be Walhalla. The best price or bargains can be easily found on the internet. Sites like Google Product Search or Price grabber can be used to search for the best price and this are just some examples (there are many different sites out there that offers the same compare-service.)

9. Avoid Impulse Buying
Are you such a person that buys things on a whim? One way to get rid of impulse buying is by making a list and then sticking to that list. Don’t buy more things then you need. If you have everything on the list, then stop looking and go home!

10. Factory Outlet Stores
Factory outlet stores are good places to buy household items or any other item you seek. But you have to be careful, not everything is cheap as it seems. You really need to know your prices if you want to buy at factory outlet stores. Many items can be found cheaper elsewhere, at other stores that have sales for instance. But it is always wise to compare prices, especially with the more expensive items.

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