10 Tips to Save Money on Clothing

Saving money is one of those things that is easier said then done. That is why we will post a series of money saving tips. Part 2 will focus on saving money on clothing.

The other parts can be found here:

So, now that is that out of the way, we can start with the money saving tips:

1. Basic colors – Mix and match
Most people that buy suits buy them as matched. To save money you should not buy matched, but you should buy separate pieces. Why you ask? It’s much easier to mix and match, thus saving you money. For instance black or gray trousers can be worn with almost everything. Try to buy clothes with the basic colors of brown, black, gray or navy. They are very easy to mix and match. color you add with blouses/shirts and scarves/ties.

2. Thrift and surplus stores
Most people think or say that thrift and surplus stores only carry inferior items or don’t have brand names. This is not true! Most of these stores also have top quality items and at most stores also brand names can be found. Yes I agree, sometimes you need to search a little harder but they can be found. Just take a look, you don’t have to buy anything, but you will see that there are cheap (especially kids) clothes to be found.

3. Sale
Buy your clothes if they are on sale. (Which is almost all of the time, because a sales can be found true out the year, if you look for it. For example a clearance sale of a shop that is moving to another building.) You could also look at the larger department stores; they usually have something on sales.

4. Trends
You should try to avoid fashion trends as much as possible. Usually trends are very short, thus you buy new clothes if they are out of fashion, which will cost you extra money.

5. Prolong life
You should try to prolong the life of your clothes as long as possible, by removing stains as soon as possible. Removing a stain on wash ‘n wear clothing is (most of the time) very easy.

6. Wash and wear.
When you buy clothes you should buy wash ‘n ear as much as possible. They can be worn many times before dry cleaning, thus saving you money.

7. Impulse buying
Try to avoid impulse buying. I know, everybody does this in some point of time, that is why I say that you should “try to avoid” it. For example don’t go shopping if you are hungry or don’t go clothes shopping if you are feeling emotional.

One way to get rid of impulse buying is by making a list and then sticking to that list. If there is one pair of socks, a blouse and a T-shirt on the list, then only buy those. If you bought an item, check it off (yes, you have to do this also if there are only three items on the list.) After you have bought all items, you go home. Don’t look further, just go home. After some time you will get used to shopping with a list and impulse buying will almost gone. (I say almost, because we are all human and we make mistakes!)

8. Dual-purpose
You should try to buy dual-purpose clothing. For instance; a black dress or a black suit that you can wear to your office, but you could also wear to a cocktail party or semi-formal affair. So, buy clothing that you could wear to multiple functions.

9. Consignment shops
You should consider buying at consignment shops. You buy their all the time, but you could buy there sometimes. You can always look, looking is free! You could also consign your own clothing and recoup some of the money you spent. Just consider it!

10. High price and brands
Try to avoid brand names or buy only one set of brand clothes that you use for parties and such. The rest of the time only wear (and buy) none brand names. You all know this, take a look at T-shirts for instance; you can buy some nice/good quality T-shirts for only a few bucks. Take the same T-shirt and put on a brand logo and the shirt is $50! Does that seam right to you? (Remember it was the same T-shirt.) Just buy the T-shirts without the logo and you will save a lot of money in your life-time!

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