10 Tips to Become a Successful Online Freelancer

Almost everyone knows what freelancing is but for the people that do not know; freelancers are persons who are hired by other persons or companies on a contract basis. Freelancing can be done in almost all occupations, such as writers, programmers, graphics artists, etc. There are many freelance occupations that can be done online.

Follow the 10 tips below to build a solid foundation for your online freelance business:

1. Search for freelance sites
There are many freelancing websites where you can bid on freelance projects or where businesses can offer you a job. But before you register or bid, you must do some research. Take a look at the responses of other bidders, find out the rates that you have to pay and what kind of jobs that they are offering.

2. Skills
You must know what skills you have to offer. Look also at some profiles of other freelancers on that site. Are your skills the same or better than some of them? Don’t bid on projects where you don’t have the skills for.

3. Your profile
When you apply to one of the freelance sites, you have to make sure that you build your profile very carefully. Take your time! Use the right keywords (use keyword tools to determine them), offer a unique service (research the competitors.)

4. Charge
You have to determine how much you must charge for you service in order to make a profit. This way you know the minimum offers you can accept and still make a profit.

5. Explain
When you accept a job, then you have to explain to the employer what you will do (or not do) and when you will do it. In some cases, why or how you will do something.

6. Professional
You must make sure that the communication with the clients is professional and informative. Check you email often! Not responding to questions clients (or taking a few days to respond) is not professional!

7. Reviews
Make sure that clients fill out the review forms after the job is done. This is especially important in the beginning. Many project owners look for people who have many good reviews (the more the better.)

8. New freelance sites
Freelance sites come and go, so search for them often. Make sure that you one of the first freelancers that are listed on new freelance sites. This way you can become one of the top freelancer of that website very quickly and with a lot reviews. (see tip 7)

9. Up to date
Make sure that your methods and skills are up to date. Keep learning new methods and skills, even if this means you take a paid course. (Also check out what new features the competitors are offering and also learn them.)

10. It takes time
It takes time before you get into the swing of freelancing. (You have to learn many new things and this will take time.) Try to learn from competitors. If you don’t get a specific project, then try to find out why a competitor got it. (What differs; the skills, price, etc, etc.)

If you follow these tips then nothing can stop you from becoming a successful online freelancer and make a lot of money.

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