10 Tips for Websites that are not Doing Well

Every webmaster wants to achieve a high visitor number, but what if your website doesn’t perform? How do you get higher search engine results? How do you get visitors that will be more loyal?

We have written down some tips that help you to make some changes to your website, in the hope that it will perform (visitor wise) better in the future.

1. Remove unnecessary parts
Every part of your homepage is trying to get the attention of your visitors. This means that unnecessary parts are also trying to attract the attention of your visitors. Your need to remove these unnecessary parts! For instance: is that welcome message really necessary?

People need to see the main parts of the homepage right after the page is loaded.

2. Update information
If you time sensitive information on your site, then keep them up to date! If you don’t have the time to update web page’s regularly, then don’t use time sensitive information.

3. Large text blocks
People don’t like large text blocks and they usually don’t read on. You need to make use of paragraphs and subtitles to make it more readable.

4. Font type
Make all your text on your website readable by using a readable font (Arial, Verdana, etc.) Also use the same font on all pages. Uniformity is the key!

5. Add new content regularly
You need to add new content regularly otherwise visitor most likely won’t return to your website. Also search engines like site that update their content regularly. Note: the content must be good!

6. Images
To make your website more search engine friendly you should optimize your images by adding anchor-tags. More info about image optimization can be found here!

7. Repair broken links
Regularly check your website for broken links, especially links to external websites. It is for instance possible that the external website has removed the page where you’re linking to.

8. Content that irritates
Remove all the content that might irritate the visitor. For instance: moving parts, annoying midi music, etc. If you want to make something clear to a visitor, then use a surprising text.

9. Slow loading
Remove parts that slowdown the loading from the page. For instance: midi music, flash intros, large images (using thumbnails to link to large pictures), etc. People will go to another page if loading is slow.

10. Much content
We said in tip 5 that you need to add good content regularly. Of course this is good, but we want in this last tip make another point. You have to need a large amount of pages to get a large visitor base. The more page the better. (100 pages are good, 500 pages are better, 1000 pages is much better.) People will find your website much easily if you have a lot of pages.

An example: You have a home improvement website, with 50 pages. Now take a look at how much pages askthebuilder.com has. (Use “site:askthebuilder.com” in Google and look at the top-right number.) How will you ever compete with your home improvement site with only 50 pages? You need to add a lot more pages!!

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