10 Money Saving Tips on Water in your House

If you don’t pump your own water out of the ground then money will probably cost you money.
So wasting water is like wasting money.

We will give you ten water saving tips, so that you can save money on the water bill:

1. Drinking Water
Do like cold water to drink? Then place a container of water in the fridge. This way you don’t have run water down the plughole waiting for the water the cool.

2. Washing Vegetables
If you wash your vegetables before cooking then do this in a plugged sink. The same goes for rinsing dishes. Rinsing or washes under a running tap will waste a lot of water and thus money!

3. Thawing frozen foods
Don’t thaw frozen foods under running hot water, but wrather thaw them on a dish in the fridge or in a microwave.

4. Cooking Vegetables
Microwave, steam or use a pressure cooker to cook vegetables, to retain more flavour and use less water than traditional boiling.

5. Washing
Wait for a full load before turning on the washing machine. This will save you a lot of money in the long run.

6. Shorter Showers
You should take shorter showers. This will save one bucket of water every minute you shower less.

7. Bathroom
Put a plug in the sink when shaving rather than rinsing your razor under running water.

8. Shower head
Install a water saving shower head. This will save you a lot of money on water if you combine it with number 6.

9. Toilet
Get a half flush toilet. (One that has a flush full button and half flush button.) Use the half flush and save up to three buckets of water per day.

10. Repair leaking toilets
Check for leaks in your toilet by adding food dye to the cistern. If color appears in the bowl within half an hour it is time to do some “Do it Yourself” or call a qualified plumber.

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