10 Money Making Tips for Christmas

Making some extra cash for the Christmas holidays is not impossible, even if you are a teenager.

Take a look at the tips below:

1. Many parents need baby sitters in December so they can go shopping or attend adult Christmas parties.

2. If you enjoy wrapping gifts offer a gift wrapping service.

3. Help people decorate there house for money.

4. Try to find a job for a few weeks. Especially shops need extra workers the weeks before Christmas.

5. Try to sell some stuff that you don’t use anymore on EBay.

6. Do grocery shopping or Christmas shopping for others (for a small fee of course.)

7. Clean houses – especially for someone that is hosting this holiday season.

8. Make some Christmas ornaments and try to sell them.

9. Make some Christmas theme baskets and try to sell them.

10. Maybe you can be a Santa-helper in your local shopping mall.
What ever service you offer post it at the grocery store and your church. Tell everyone what you want to do and they will help you spread the word. Many people need some extra help during the Christmas holidays.

Have a good Christmas Everybody!!

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