10 Great Reasons to Start a Business

The reasons why some want to start a business vary per person. Below you find 10 great reasons why some wants to start a business.

1. Your own Boss

Are you sick of managers giving you a hard time? If you start-up your own business, the only manager you have to answer to is yourself. This will give you the freedom to things your way. You determine which plans will be implemented and in what time frame.

2. Your Interests

You get to do what you’re interested in, if you start your own business. You get to pick in which type of business you want to make a living. For instance you can turn a hobby or interest into a profitable enterprise. This is one of the great reasons why many people want to become an entrepreneur.

3. Your Deadlines

In your “normal job” the manager determines what the deadline is for a specific project. When you start your own firm then you get determine the deadlines. Of course the client also has something to say about is, but if you don’t like the deadline then you can determine if you want to take on the project or not.

4. Your Way

When you start your own business you have to determine how things are done. Being an entrepreneur gives you the freedom to express yourself. You can develop your own concepts in any way you choose. The only thing that can stop you is maybe perhaps financial constraints.

5. Not that Hard

In the beginning it may seem to be a daunting task to start your own (accounting, taxes and red tap). But it isn’t as difficult as people let you believe. In the last couple of years many measures have been introduced to simplify things. Sure, you probably have to learn many new things, but this also a great thing of becoming an entrepreneur.

6. Profitable Business

Although the start-up process can be tough, with long hours and almost no money coming in, but in the long run owning a business can be very profitable. In fact the sky is the limit. If you run your business well, the rewards can be huge.

7. Variation in Work

A great thing from being an entrepreneur is that you get to do many different things. It’s very different from the “normal” monotonous 9 to 5 job you currently have. If you like to learn and do new things then going at it alone could be something for you.

8. No Commute

Although most small firms operate from an offices-building, many business beginners start a business in their own home. The great thing of having a home business is that you can cut the commute. The time that you save can be used to do payed work.

9. Best of both Worlds

Of course, if you don’t fancy giving up a regular income, you can always get the best of both worlds and stay as an employee while running your own business. There are a lot of people that have a regular job with a (online) business on the side.

Especially an online business can be very easy to run on the side, because you can automate many tasks. To make your online business (your second job) a success, you should pick a subject you really like (for instance something that you do as a hobby.)

10. Dreams

The great thing of being an entrepreneur is that the dreams that you have can become a reality. Whether this dream is financial or just spending more time at home, owning your own business is the way to go to realize your dreams. In regular job you almost never get the change. It is up to you to realize your dreams (no one will do it for you), so give it a go!

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